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Thousands of dead fish found after Carmarthenshire pollution incident

Credit: Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) says thousands of fish have been killed in a slurry pollution incident in West Wales.

Officers have been on site taking samples and conducting fish surveys since the incident was first reported on the River Dulas near Capel Isaac in Carmarthenshire on Monday July the 8th.

NRW says an estimated three miles stretch of the river has been affected and has had a major impact on invertebrates as well as fish – mainly brown trout but also bullhead, eels, lamprey, stone loach, minnow and salmon.

NRW says almost 5km of the Afon Dulas has been affected. Credit: Natural Resources Wales

Protecting Wales’ waterways and the plants and animals that depend on them is a massive part of the work we do which is why people can report pollution incidents to us 24/7.

Unfortunately, we can confirm that the total number of fish that were killed is significant and will have an adverse effect on the river for years to come.

We can also confirm that there has been a significant impact on invertebrates in the river. Our staff have been working tirelessly to gather evidence about this incident and we will use that evidence to consider future legal action.

Incidents such as this shouldn’t be happening.

We work very closely with the farming industry to make sure they understand the devastating and long-term damage that pollution causes and what steps they can take to prevent it from happening.

It is completely unacceptable and irresponsible that a small number of farmers are not taking notice of good practice and regulations and therefore giving the rest of the industry a bad name.

– Joan Williams, NRW Natural Resource Management Team Leader