A Welsh Labour MP says cancer patients are being failed by the health service here in Wales.

Rhondda's Chris Bryant told MPs that services across the UK are not up to scratch but that problems are more severe in Wales because of the number of consultant vacancies.

In March, Mr Bryant spoke out after discovering he had skin cancer, after getting a haircut.

The truth is we are failing in the UK and in particular in Wales because the diagnostic teams in Wales in particular are in far worse nick than in Australia, Poland, Scotland, the best area in England which is the north east in England and the worst area in England. Nine out of 10 consultant radiologist vacancies in Wales have been unfilled for more than a year.

Chris Bryant MP
Mr Bryant has a scar at the back of his head following an operation to remove the melanoma.

We are committed to working with the NHS in Wales to ensure people affected by cancer are diagnosed and treated as early as possible.

Welsh Government spokesperson