'We're celebrating the fact we're alive' - This is what the British Transplant Games mean to Sophie

Sophie Washington training in Cardiff

Sophie Washington's loved sport all her life.

She keeps as busy as she can, despite of years of illness.

She was Britain's youngest ever pancreas transplant recipient in 2013.

Next week, she'll compete at the British Transplant Games in Newport for the second time.

  • Hear her story below:

Sophie still faces daily struggles with her health, but is determined to seize every opportunity to play and keep active.

Taking part in the Games is something very special. You're all linked by an experience. People have different experiences and how they've ended up there.

But it's a really special thing to be a part of, celebrating the fact we're alive, and had it not been for the fact people had not given their organs, we wouldn't be.

– Sophie Washington