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Visually impaired mother says parking next to dropped kerbs causes serious hazard

Credit: ITV News

A visually impaired mother from Bridgend says people parking next to dropped kerb pavements causes her and her son a serious hazard.

Rhian Morris from Bridgend has had severely impaired vision since birth and her seven-year old son Harley also has sight loss.

She says they value their independence but say that it's becoming increasingly difficult to walk around the streets near their home as cars are often parked on pavements or dropped kerbs. These are especially designed to help the partially sighted cross the street.

Credit: ITV News

It's very important to have independence and to prove to my son he can have independence when he's older. Access is very important and having people block that is very hindering and needs awareness brought to it.

– Rhian Morris
Rhian Morris is campaigning for more awareness of the issue of dropped kerb parking. Credit: ITV News

Rhian is working to raise awareness of the problems which can also affect wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as mothers with prams.

She says cars blocking pavements can cause a real danger from a potential fall or perhaps causing her to step out into traffic on the road.

The RNIB in Wales says there is a great deal that local authorities and individuals can do to make neighbourhoods safer for the visually impaired.

One of the main issues is for individuals to take responsibility and not park on pavements. There's more that can be done. In London pavement parking is banned.

– Ansley Workman, Director of RNIB Cymru

The RAC says that parking on pavements outside London is not illegal, but drivers can be fined for parking dangerously.

Welsh Government ministers say they are talking to experts about ways to tackle the problem of pavement parking.

Bridgend County Council have been approached for comment.