Unhealthy food tax could improve health in Wales, according to new report

Tax on sugary drinks and unhealthy foods could increase Credit: PA Images

Increased taxation on unhealthy foods could help to reduce death and some diseases, according to Public Health Wales.

A new review found that tax on high fat, high salt or high sugar foods has helped reduce people buying and consuming the products in other countries, including in Mexico and Hungary.

Dr Sumina Azam, Head of Policy at Public Health Wales commented: "In the UK we have a long history of using tax to drive down consumption levels of tobacco and alcohol, which has helped improve the health of the population.”

The review explores how new financial policies could help Wales meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of reducing premature deaths from diseases - including obesity-related diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and cancers - by one third by 2030.

Professor Mark Bellis, Director of Policy and International Health, at Public Health Wales, said: “It is important that taxation is not seen in isolation, but as a tool to use in combination with other health-focused policies”.