'You gave our daughter her life' - Transplant Games families share deep gratitude to organ donors

Sophie Wilson and Ava Raffour

Ava and Sophie have plenty of energy, and plenty in common.

Their paths first crossed when they were diagnosed with serious liver conditions as babies.

Both received life-saving transplants, and are now taking part in British Transplant Games in Newport.

Ava was born with biliary atresia, a life-threatening condition of the liver.

She had her first liver transplant when she was only months old, and needed a second one soon after.

I didn't really understand it when I was little, but as I've grown I understand what I've had done more, and how I might have not had any chance of life if I didn't have the liver transplant... the two liver transplants.

– Ava Raffour
Sophie and Ava both lead full and active lives

Ava's mother described her joy at seeing her daughter thrive each day, having overcome such serious health problems.

The families have become firm friends, and both Ava and Sophie are going to the same high school this September.

Ava's mother told me about the

For Ava's mother, the Transplant Games are also an opportunity to say thank you to the families of organ donors.

It's a bit emotional because obviously we're seeing other donor families out there.

It's showing our gratitude to the donor families and saying look, this is what you've provided for our families, you've given our daughter her life, for her to compete, so it's kind of a way to show them our gratitude for that as well.

– Laura Raffour, Ava's mother