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Mother's warning after little girl cuts her leg open on broken glass at Barry Island beach

Four-year-old Amelia had to go to A&E after cutting her leg on broken glass on the beach

A mother has issued a warning to other families after her four-year-old daughter ended up in A&E from cutting her leg on broken glass hidden in the sand on Barry Island beach.

Natasha Condon went to Whitmore Bay with her three children Amelia, Harmony and Cole to make the most of the hot weather.

But it wasn't long before she noticed something was wrong with Amelia, who had been playing near the water's edge.

"I'm not sure if she knelt on something or if it had been carried in on a wave and caught her," said Natasha, from Cardiff.

"But when she turned around there was blood running down her leg, the sight of which set me off in a panic."

37-year-old Natasha rushed Amelia to the nearby lifeguard station where the first-aiders bandaged her daughter's two-inch wound.

The youngster was then taken to A&E where she had her injury glued shut and held in place with several butterfly stitches.

Amelia had to have the injury glued up and held in place with butterfly stitches

Amelia's five-year-old sister had also trodden on a discarded shard of glass on the same stretch of beach just hours before.

"Her injury wasn't as bad, but fair play to them both, neither so much as murmured when they were hurt - especially Amelia.

"I just think it happened so quick she didn't have time to take it all in."

Natasha said the lifeguards told her this kind of thing is happening more and more on their watch.

"This sort of thing clearly happens a lot, because when I went there with Amelia the lifeguards were already cleaning up another little girl who'd cut herself on something.

"I just wanted to warn other parents to keep a close eye on their little ones if they end up going to Barry Island for a day out.

"We won't be going back there again after this, that's for sure," added Natasha.

On Thursday, community Facebook group Beautiful Barry shared a video of the litter left behind on Barry Island beach following one of the hottest days of the year.

The video has attracted hundreds of shares and comments from concerned local residents.

"I just don’t understand how people can think it’s ok to leave this behind", said one person.