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Man who lost 13 stone calls on supermarkets to cut back on junk food promotions

Credit: Martin Woodsford

A man who lost nearly half his bodyweight after changing his diet says supermarkets could do more to encourage people to eat healthily.

Martin Woodsford was 27 stone at his heaviest and developed serious health problems including diabetes, sciatica and high blood pressure.

Martin was 27 stone when he decided he had to do something about his weight. Credit: Martin Woodsford

One day I thought I'm not going to be around to see my kids grow up. The penny dropped.

To think, just by joining a group and learning to cook with vegetables - who knew? - that you could actually change your life.

– Martin Woodsford
Martin Woodsford now enjoys a balanced diet. Credit: ITV CYMRU WALES

You walk into the supermarket and you see all that stuff there and you just think "I want that". The two-for-one's - with the best will in the world, as much as some people are able to do it but lots of us can't.

– Martin Woodsford
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Nearly a quarter (23%) of adults in Wales are classed as obese and one in four children are overweight or obese

The Royal Society for Public Health have teamed up with Slimming World to call for supermarkets to do more to tackle obesity.

Their Health On The Shelf report claims that marketing tactics are driving sales of unhealthy products.

We need to ensure that the shopping environment is conducive to health and healthy lifestyles. Currently it isn't and supermarkets need to step up and play their part.

– Duncan Stephenson, Royal Society for Public Health

The British Retail Consortium say supermarkets already do a lot to try to encourage people to eat healthily.

If you go to the front of a supermarket you'll inevitably see fresh fruit and vegetables, often heavily price promoted fresh fruit and vegetables. So lots of our members will already use many of these points and they'll use them very effectively to drive some of these changes to help customers make healthier choices.

– Ewan MacDonald-Russell, British Retail Consortium

The Welsh Government wants to reduce obesity in Wales over the next ten years.

They're due to launch their 'Healthy Weight: Healthy Wales' strategy in October.