This is how confident people are Boris Johnson will deliver on his Halloween Brexit promise

"The buck stops here".

That was the pledge new prime minister Boris Johnson made in his first speech at the steps of No.10 Downing Street as he promised to take Britain out of the European Union by 31 October.

In an exclusive poll for ITV Wales, more than 1,000 people were asked their views on whether they believe Mr Johnson will deliver on that pledge as well as his ability to improve Britain's standing in the world.

  • How confident are people in Wales that he will deliver on that promise after more than two years of negotiations - even if he has not achieved a deal?

Forty percent of people surveyed said they were "not confident" Britain will leave the EU by Halloween - even if Boris Johnson has not agreed a deal. Fourteen percent said they "don't know".

Also in that same speech, Johnson claimed the deal he will strike with the European Union will be a "better deal".

Johnson paid tribute to the Credit: PA Images
  • So, how confident, if at all, were people that Boris Johnson will obtain a better Brexit deal than Theresa May achieved?

Twenty eight percent of people surveyed are confident he will obtain a better Brexit deal, while 12% said they "don't know".

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US president Donald Trump appears to be a big fan of Mr Johnson.

He said the two have already got to work on a “very substantial” post-Brexit trade agreement that could see an increase in trade by "three to four or five times".

The pair spoke on the telephone after Boris was elected as the UK's prime minister and discussed the “unparalleled” trade opportunities offered by Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Downing Street said the two leaders had “expressed their commitment to delivering an ambitious free trade agreement”.

  • So, how confident are people that Boris Johnson will improve Britain's standing in the world?

Thirty percent said they were either very or fairly confident Mr Johnson will help improve Britain's standing in the world. Twelve percent said they "don't know".

Boris Johnson is known for his public gaffes including the time he got stuck on a zip wire while promoting London for the Olympic Games Credit: PA Images

Mr Johnson won the leader race by a clear majority, securing 92,153 votes (66.4%), with Jeremy Hunt receiving 46,656 (33.6%) of the vote.

But he has always been a divisive figure - in government and with the public. He has been called a "Tory clown", a "master of self-publicity", but also someone who could energise Britain.

Biographer Andrew Gimson who wrote the book Boris: The Rise of Boris Johnson, released in 2006, told ITV News a characteristic he found that has run through the new PM's life was an inability to conform to - if not entirely disregard - the rules.

  • So, how confident were the people surveyed that Boris Johnson will be a good Prime Minister?

45% think Boris Johnson will be a poor or a terrible PM will 30% answered

Before becoming prime minister, Boris Johnson said he would immediately launch a major drive to prepare the country for a no-deal Brexit, if he became PM.

He told ITV’s Peston: “From the get-go, we start saying, look, what do you need, what help do you need, what reassurances do you need?

“Here is what the Government has for you. Are you ready?

“And, we make sure everybody understands all the possible risks and eventualities.

“And, it’s by doing that… in a really wholehearted and systematic and confident way that you, of course, minimise any disruption that might take place in the unlikely eventuality of you, actually, having to come out on WTO terms.”

42% surveyed in Wales said they would support leaving the EU without a deal Credit: PA Images

In terms of leaving the European Union without a deal, there is similar support for both sides.

44% oppose a no-deal Brexit and 42% said they support it. 14% said they were not sure