Autistic cafe owners create jobs for others with autism in Cardiff

The cafe will provide employment to people with autism Credit: ITV Wales

Two people with autism have started their own cafe in a bid to create job opportunities for other people living with the condition.

Selena and Frankie opened Aubergine, a cafe tucked away in one of Cardiff's arcades, as a space specially designed for people with autism.

Ear plugs are provided to block out background noise Credit: ITV Wales

Ear plugs to block out background noise, individual seats and adjustable lighting have all been used to create a safe space for customers with autism.

The owners also want to provide job opportunities for people with autism, who often struggle staying in employment.

Selena Caemawr designed the cafe as a safe space for people with autism Credit: ITV Wales

Difficulties with employment is something Selena has experienced. They faced disciplinary action in a previous job by managers who did not understand their behaviour.

"I was watched, micro-managed and disciplined for things that didn't make sense,'' Selena said.

Selena now wants to end the discrimination faced by both autistic employees and customers.

Morgan is employed at the cafe Credit: ITV Wales

For Morgan, who is employed at the cafe, working there has been an empowering experience.