Port Talbot care home residents visit the beach for the first time in years thanks to special wheelchairs

Credit: Mike Griffiths/ITV News

Residents at a care home in Port Talbot have been taking a dip in the sea thanks to a set of specialist beach wheelchairs.

Swn-y-Mor Care Centre initially hired some of the adapted wheelchairs but the residents loved them so much, they launched a campaign to raise funds to buy them.

  • We went to see how they were enjoying it! Watch the video below:

For residents Teri Hamilton and Mel Thompson, it is the first time they have been down to the sea in years.

Teri said the experience was "scary at first but then very enjoyable".

Teri and Mel enjoying the water Credit: Mike Griffiths/ITV News

With the help of the community, Swn-y-Mor Care Centre bought two chairs, which cost £3,500 each.

They love it, just to be able to paddle their toes in the water again is amazing.

It's something they never thought they'd do again.

– Sharon Williams, Swn-y-Mor Care Centre manager