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Cardiff pupil's campaign to highlight level of plastic in period products

Credit: National Assembly for Wales

A 17-year-old pupil from the Llanishen area of Cardiff started a petition calling for labelling on tampons and sanitary pads.

Molly Fenton discovered there was no UK law that there should be labelling to show what period products are made from.

She says the amount of plastic they contain and potential health risks should be highlighted.

more than 700 have signed Molly's petition. She hopes it will reach 1,000 in September.

Period products are used so intimately and we need to easily and clearly know what’s in them and what is being absorbed into our bodies. It may come as a surprise to some people that up to 90 per cent of the tampons and pads they are using are made from plastic.

Just like food manufacturers, I think it should be compulsory for period product manufacturers to clearly state their ingredients on packaging but at the moment there is no legal obligation for them to do so.

– Molly Fenton, pupil

Molly has been campaigning to raise awareness of issues to do with periods for a several months.

She runs a ‘Love Your Period’ page on Instagram with more than 2,000 followers, where she answers questions from young girls who are unsure of how to talk about their periods.

Molly said she also gets questions from parents who want to know how to approach the subject with their children.

Julie Morgan AM is supporting Molly with her petition. Credit: National Assembly for Wales

Molly's campaign has gained support from Assembly Member Julie Morgan.

I was so impressed to meet Molly when she came to my office to ask for support with the petition. She has done a fantastic job with this, she has been out with friends on Whitchurch High Street and in Llanishen where she has persuaded a local café to let her gather signatures there.

She is doing a great job of highlighting both the plastic these products contain and potential harmful health risks. She’s really done her research and found that chemicals from the plastics in sanitary products can be absorbed into the body very fast and can cause allergies. It’s only right that people know what these products contain – many people probably have no idea they contain plastic at all.

– Julie Morgan AM, Cardiff North, Labour

Julie Morgan has arranged for Molly to meet the Welsh Minister with responsibility for plastic waste and packaging, Hannah Blythyn, at the Assembly.

The pair will discuss what needs to be done to bring in labelling of period products.