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Second-hand school uniform recycling project launched in Swansea

ABC-123 sells second-hand uniforms that have been donated by local schools. Credit: PA

A school uniform recycling project has been launched across 11 different schools in Swansea.

The schools are donating second-hand items to the organisation, which aims to help more parents afford school uniforms.

The project, ABC-123, is charging £2 per item and £5 for three.

Average cost for secondary school uniform a year in Wales, according to the Bevan Foundation.
Average cost for primary school uniform a year in Wales, according to the Bevan Foundation.

Organiser Sharon Rouse said some families are being referred to them from Swansea Council as they do not qualify for the Welsh Government Pupil Development Grant, which was designed to provide financial help for the poorest families.

The Welsh Government says it has recently introduced additional funding to support families with school costs.

We introduced a new strand to our Pupil Development Grant - PDG Access - in 2018-19 to provide additional support directly to families who need it most to help meet some of the costs associated with the school day, including school uniform.

In 2019-20 we have more than doubled the funding for this support to £5.145m, allowing us to support even more learners.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

The project is run from St David's Shopping Centre in Swansea.