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Dad delivers his baby boy on side of road in Barry

Baby Noah made a dramatic entrance into the world after being born at the side of the road. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

A dad from Barry had to deliver his own baby at the side of the road when his wife went into labour.

Chris White and his wife Nicole were on their way to the hospital but had to pull over before they could get there.

Never, ever thought it would happen to us. You hear of the stories but never once consider that we'd be delivering our own child in the front of your car.

– Chris White, Baby Noah's dad

The couple were excitedly anticipating the arrival of their second child when Nicole's contractions started at about 10am on Friday, August 9.

The couple phoned the hospital, but medical staff decided Nicole wasn't ready give birth. Nicole carried on with her day, until the contractions became more intense and she found them difficult to ignore.

Chris and his wife, Nicole, were on the way to the hospital when they had to pull over to deliver the baby. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

By about 12.30pm, she said she was in a lot of pain and discomfort, so they made the decision to head to the hospital.

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While driving, Chris said Nicole shouted "I need to push" from the front passenger seat of the car.

"When she said she needed to push, just panic. Didn't actually believe her at first, thought she was being a bit over exaggerating there but quickly realised you did need to push and that baby was on it's way wasn't it?!"

Chris pulled over and parked across a driveway on a busy residential street.

Lifeboat volunteer Chris White was forced to deliver his baby at the side of the road.

As a crew member for Barry Dock Lifeboat Station, Chris had completed casualty care training, but had never dealt with a labour before. He called 999 and followed medical advice over the phone on how to deliver the baby, having to wrap the newborn in his shirt as he didn't have a blanket.

"When Noah arrived, they said have you got towels or anything to wrap him in, so I had nothing on hand, so I used my tshirt and then she said have you got shoelaces, so I had to take a shoelace out of my shoe to tie around the cord...and just as I was about to pull a knot tight in the cord, the first responder turned up."