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More than 170 jobs lost as Allied Bakeries stops bakery operations in Cardiff

Allied Bakeries is stopping bakery production at the site on Maes-y-Coed Road. Credit: Google Maps

Allied Bakeries has confirmed it will be stopping bakery production in Cardiff.

The Kingsmill bread-maker's 176 employees will be made redundant, including members of management and operations.

The bakery has been running since 1971 at its Maes-y-Coed Road site.

In light of highly competitive market conditions and following the loss of a major own-label contract earlier this year, the business reviewed a number of options to improve efficiency across its UK bakery network. This process concluded that re-allocating the Cardiff bakery output into Allied Bakeries’ wider network was the most effective way of responding to these challenges...

We are acutely aware of the impact of this decision on those affected, all of whom will be offered an enhanced redundancy package along with support to help find alternative employment either in the local community, or at another Allied Bakeries site in the UK. We will also be liaising with other local businesses, the Department of Work and Pensions and Careers Wales to help identify training and employment options for those impacted.

– Allied Bakeries spokesperson

The Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union said it is "very dissatisfied with the consultation".

We believe that it has not been meaningful and has been a sham as the company did not enter into the consultation with an open mind.

It was apparent that they had already made their decision.

They have also failed to supply the union with the information that we need to assess the decision and consult with them on whether there are any other options available. It will be a very sad day for Cardiff if bread production is to finish at the bakery after so many years and more should be done to help to prevent some or all of the job losses.

– John James, Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union