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Boy, 10, who called 999 for his unconscious mum is awarded for his bravery

Logan Williams has been awarded for his bravery after calling 999 for his mum Credit: Welsh Ambulance Service

A 10-year-old boy has been given a bravery award by the Welsh Ambulance Service after he called 999 when his mum fell unconscious.

Logan Williams, from Benllech, found his mother lying on the floor in the kitchen. She had been carrying laundry down the stairs and had fallen, knocking herself out on the wall on the way down.

Logan calmly closed the door into the room where his two younger sisters were, in order not to frighten them. Then he called 999 and explained the situation to the operator.

Due to a recent house move, he did not know his address, but with the instructions he gave, the ambulance crew was able to come to his mum's aid.

The hospital told me what to do, so I told one of my sisters to go and get my mum's friend to come and help, and I sat next to my mum and made sure she was OK.

I'm just really proud of myself for doing the right thing and helping my mum.

– Logan Williams
Logan's mum said she woke up to hear him dialling 999 Credit: ITV News

I was carrying washing downstairs when I lost my step near the top of the stairs. I landed on my shoulder and banged my head on our concrete wall. I was knocked unconscious for approximately three to four minutes.

I woke up to Logan on my mobile phone dialling 999. I told him I was okay as I didn't want to frighten him, although I knew something was wrong as I couldn't move my arm.

When I came home Logan was shocked at all the praise he was getting. He has always been told what to do in an emergency so he didn't realise how amazing he actually was.

– Jade Sutton, mother

Logan and his mum have since been reunited with the paramedics who took her to hospital and also got a chance to speak to call-handler Kieran Bason.

Credit: ITV News

A few weeks ago, Logan found his mum on the floor. When she came to her senses, she saw that her incredibly brave boy had called 999 on his own while keeping his siblings calm and arranged for an ambulance to be sent.

We were able to reunite him and his mum with the crew who took her to hospital and let them speak with the call handler who is actually based at the other side of Wales!

We were also proud to present Logan with a bravery award for his actions.

– A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman