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Racism is an issue 'week in, week out', say young football players

Abdi Osman said black people experience racism 'week in, week out'. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Members of a football team in Cardiff have told ITV News they experience racism every week.

It comes after several high profile footballers have been racially abused online and calls for teams and clubs to boycott social media platforms.

Wales Manager Ryan Giggs said more needs to be done to tackle it.

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

I think we've done lots to kick out racism and idiots in football. There's a long way to go but hopefully we're going in the right direction.

– Ryan Giggs, Wales Manager
Omar Abdillahi said the racist things people have said to him are 'absolutely disgusting'. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Manager of AFC Butetown, Omar Abdillahi said he experienced racist abuse from football fans this week.

We were playing up in the Valleys last night and yeah we did experience it quite bad. The club that we were playing against, to be fair to them, were really nice about it and they tried to deal with it but I think there's quite a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon.

– Omar Abdillahi

Although racism is an issue in football, it goes far beyond the game.

Abdi Osman from Cardiff said: "Millions of black people across the country are getting this abuse week in, week out and they should get the same level of support that these Premier League footballers are getting."

Elbashir Idris said racism is a 'normal occurrence unfortunately'. Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

This is something that's been plaguing our societies for quite a while now and the fact that it's finally being revealed on social media just shows how much it reflects our society.

– Elbashir Idris

Racism and hate crime comes up all the time... There's not a week that goes by where I'm getting a parent or young person express to me concerns that they have, whether it's in school, in work, or a sports pitch in our communities.

– Ali Abdi, community organiser