The farmer helping to break down stereotypes about being LGBTQ+ in the agricultural community

Ben Lewis was born into a family of beef and sheep farmers.

He always wanted to follow in the family footsteps. But he grew up believing two parts of his life could never meet.

"I thought to myself 'well you can't be gay if you're a farmer'", Ben told ITV News.

"There's such stereotypes with farmers and it's almost expected that you get married, have children, settle down on the farm and that's what life entails as a farmer".

Ben tried one without the other, first marrying a woman and staying within farming. But he knew things weren't right.

"To live a different life just for the expectations of other people I think is something that does weigh down on you personally very heavily.

"I definitely feel that I probably was suffering quite a bit".

He eventually came out to his friends and family, but thought that as a result he would have to give up farming.

But one day, a chance Facebook message sparked an undeniable connection.

Ben and Frazer have now been together for 2 years.

Ben and Frazer met two years ago Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

The couple believe views within the farming community are starting to change, thanks in part to social media.

"Especially in farming where you spend a lot of time on your own, it brings the world into your life", said Ben.

"It's about getting on with your daily life and being who you are, doing what you love doing, and also doing it with the person you love".

Ben attends Pride events and supports the LGBTQ+ farming group Agrespect. Credit: Ben Lewis

Ben attends Pride events and supports the LGBTQ+ farming group Agrespect. He now wants to help others by sharing his story.

"I wish I knew that the person that had the biggest problem with it was myself".