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A 600kg cow had to be rescued after falling into a muddy bog

The cow was found up to his neck in a bog Credit: Twitter / Powys Command

Firefighters were called to rescue a cow from a muddy bog in mid Powys.

The 600kg animal was found buried up to its neck in Llanwrtyd Wells.

The cow was freed by a group of firefighters Credit: Twitter / Powys Command

Crews from Powys Command used lines, strops, shovels, airbags and "brute strength" to release the animal.

They confirmed it had been rescued successfully, and was later checked over by a local vet who confirmed the animal was "all good".

The cow was later checked over by a vet who confirmed it was in good health Credit: Twitter / Powys Command

A tweet from the fire service added that crews were "now cleaning all the equipment".

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