Welsh Assembly to be recalled over 'constitutional crisis'

The Welsh Assembly will be recalled following a request from First Minister Mark Drakeford.

The First Minister called for the Assembly to be recalled to discuss what he described as the "constitutional crisis which now faces Wales and the United Kingdom."

On Wednesday night, Drakeford said in a tweet: "This evening, I have asked the Presiding Officer to recall the Senedd next week to allow us to discuss the constitutional crisis which now faces Wales and the United Kingdom."

Assembly members are on summer recess until Monday September 16 but will return early with a full Plenary session on Thursday September 5.

The recall was agreed by the Llywydd Elin Jones, who described recent events as ''uncharted constitutional territory.''

We are in uncharted constitutional territory, and it is a matter of parliamentary principle that as the UK Parliament reconvenes next week, Assembly Members should also be afforded the opportunity to speak for their constituents on this issue of great significance.

Elin Jones AM

Earlier on Wednesday, Mr Drakeford said in another tweet: "Boris Johnson fought a referendum campaign to put power back in the hands of Parliament and now he wants the Queen to close the doors on our democracy.

"The Leave campaign claims are unravelling. It's time to put this to the people."

Mr Johnson said that it is "completely untrue" he will be holding a Queen's Speech on October 14 because of Brexit, insisting that he had a new government with an "exciting agenda" that requires new legislation.

Responding to criticism, Mr Johnson said: “If you look at what we are doing, we are bringing forward a new legislative programme on crime, on hospitals, making sure that we have the education funding that we need and there will be ample time on both sides of that crucial October 17 summit.

“Ample time in Parliament for MPs to debate the EU to debate Brexit and all the other issues. Ample time.”

The Scottish Parliament will sit on Monday September 1 at the end of its summer recess, with a debate on Brexit expected during the first sitting week.

The Westminster Parliament summer recess also comes to an end on Sunday.