Man who quit job due to his size and became depressed loses 36 stone

A man who was forced to quit his job as a police sergeant due to his weight has managed to lose 36 stone.

At his heaviest, Stuart Prosser weighed 55 stone.

He said his job became impossible so decided to retire early.

"I was struggling to get around at the end and started spending longer periods of time sitting at my desk. It soon became apparent I could no longer continue with my job, and so I retired.

"I have always struggled with my weight, it's an ongoing battle, but I never thought I would get to the stage where I was house bound."

He was living with depression and told ITV News he considered taking his own life.

"I'd sit in a chair and decided that that was it. And I fed myself hoping that a medical condition would come and kill me."

Stuart said he struggled to get out of bed and developed sores Credit: Stuart Prosser

Stuart would struggle to get out of bed most days and following his retirement, he found himself left with depression, and weight was making life unbearable.

He was eventually admitted to hospital with an infection from open sores on his abdomen, and unable to support his own body weight. It took twelve ambulance staff to put Stuart into the ambulance.

He was admitted to the Royal Glamorgan in Llantrisant with organ failure.

Stuart lost 36 stone in total

Following months of rehabilitation Stuart was discharged from hospital having lost a considerable amount of weight.

While at hospital receiving medical treatment Stuart had counselling with a psychologist. He was told he was "self-harming" with food and realised things needed to change.

"This admission was my opportunity to do something about it. I worked with the nursing staff for medical issues, catering staff for meal planning and physiotherapists for suitable and safe exercise. They were all so amazing in getting and encouraging", he said.

"I lost 36 and a half stone in just over a year by calorie counting and exercise. I now weigh 17 and half stone, my wife has her husband back and my three children have their dad back."