Doctor tells inquest he 'wishes he had ordered an x-ray' after death of Sarah-Jayne Roche

A doctor who examined a woman who later died after breaking her leg while running a half marathon has told an inquest he wishes he’d ordered an x-ray.

Sarah-Jayne Roche died after breaking her leg during the Cardiff Half Marathon.

On Monday a inquest heard how her injury was misdiagnosed and she was told she had pulled her hamstring.

The mother of two experienced shooting pain up her leg and was told by medics "there is not much else we can do."

Dr Tim Manfield saw Sarah-Jayne Roche at a soft tissue appointment on October 12 in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital at Llantrisant, near Cardiff.

It was Mrs Roche’s third visit to A&E in five days. Doctors had previously noted that she was in excruciating pain after first going to hospital on October 7th – the day of the half marathon. It was thought that the reason for the pain was a muscular injury to her leg – not a fracture.

Dr Manfield, told an inquest into Mrs Roche’s death: “I wish I could jump in a time machine and go back. I wish I had done it [ordered an x-ray].”

Sarah-Jayne and husband Steven were running the half marathon together. Credit: Media Wales

The school worker was running the Cardiff half marathon with her husband, Steven, as a personal goal before she reached 40.

Sarah-Jayne was running to raise money for Parkinson's disease after her father Alan was diagnosed with the illness.

Credit: Media Wales

She spent three days in hospital before she died on October 19 from the suspected cardiac arrest.