He may well be the happiest train conductor in Britain.

For the last five months, Chris Edwards from Newport has been singing to his passengers to cheer them up on the commute.

He has even created his own lyrics for each station, and sings every one to the tune of well-known hits.

Chris even does one-on-one performances for his passengers

The singing started about five months ago. I do many things like quizzes and puzzles and doing dance breaks in the middle of the train. Having a sing and having a chat is a good thing - I believe in the concept of conversation. > >

Chris Edwards, Transport for Wales

He has written more than 80 songs derived from classic hits that informs the passengers what station is approaching.

*To the tune of 'I'm A Believer' by Smash Mouth* When you leave bom bom bom bom Then it's round the bend Do do do do Oh this Risca Not a trace of doubt in my mind Yes this is it Ooooh This is Risca Sunny Risca Next in line > >

One of Chris' songs

Long-time music fan Chris has been entertaining passengers for a while, with some posting videos on social media of his performances.