8-year-old boy saves his mum's life after allergic reaction from chocolate

8-year-old William helped save his mother after she had an allergic reaction to chocolate

An eight-year-old boy helped to save his mother’s life after she suffered a severe allergic reaction from eating salted caramel M&Ms.

Jennifer Lamb was at home with her eldest son, William, when she started to feel her tongue swell and her throat close up. William had just gone to bed but his mother managed to get his attention by throwing things upstairs and making a noise.

William dialled 999 giving his name, age and address and told them he thought his mother was having an allergic reaction.

Mrs Lamb from Flintshire said her son listened to the instructions and then lay her down on the floor and lifted her head back to help open her airways.

Jennifer Lamb from Mancot in Flintshire was saved by her 8-year-old son

Her son was going to stay at his grandparents that night but decided against it at the last minute.

William, who has been awarded 'Superstar of the Week' at school, said "I was a bit scared at the time, and then just calmed down and was as cool as a cucumber."

Jennifer described her son as "my little hero" after he saved her life