Plaid Cymru set to commit to cancel Brexit if referendum plan fails

Adam Price said he will ask party members to back the policy shift at their conference in October Credit: PA Images

Plaid Cymru's leader has said he wants his party to campaign in a General Election to stop the UK leaving the European Union.

Adam Price said he will ask party members to back the policy shift at their forthcoming conference. He already has the support of AMs, MPs and the party's MEP.

If members also agree, it would see Plaid Cymru joining the Liberal Democrats in committing to preventing Brexit by revoking Article 50 if and when a General Election takes place.

Currently, Plaid is committed to holding a 'confirmatory referendum' offering voters the choice of leaving with or without a deal and remaining in the EU.

Announcing the change of position, Adam Price said he would still prefer a second referendum but if that weren't possible, a General Election would become effectively a referendum.

Adam Price held a press conference to make the announcement

Former leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies said the announcement is a "kick in the teeth for the people of Wales."

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In response to my question about what his party's policy would be if Brexit were to happen before any vote, he told me that Plaid would campaign to rejoin the EU but as an independent Wales.

Adam Price said, "With the prime minister intent on ripping us out of the EU without a deal, and Jeremy Corbyn failing to provide any meaningful opposition, our nation is facing a crisis.

"Plaid Cymru has been consistent that we could never and will never accept anything that would be detrimental to the Welsh national interest.

"As the Yellowhammer document showed, a crash out Brexit would mean a significant risk to jobs, shortages in food and crucial medicines, and rising fuel prices.

"As a party, we continue to believe that the best way of resolving the current chaos is a referendum. But if a general election comes before a referendum, it will effectively be a proxy for a referendum.

"In that case, Plaid Cymru must provide the people of Wales with the opportunity to vote for a party that is unequivocally in favour of Wales remaining in the European Union."