The Cardiff father on a mission to crack down on knife crime

Marvin Heron is a well-known musician in Cardiff.

Also known as "Starvz", the artist from Llanrumney is on a one-man mission to crack down on knife crime.

Marvin was once stabbed himself and until last year, carried a knife himself.

He told ITV News, "I carried a knife out of fear. I got stabbed so I felt I needed one. I wouldn't have used it, but I know there's a lot of kids out doing the same."

Marvin has children and said he wants to make a change so they and others in his community get the support they need to avoid going down the wrong path.

Marvin has set up the PTKD "Put the Knives Down" campaign and spent the last few weeks setting up meetings in communities across South Wales, calling on local businesses and local charities along with community leaders to work together to tackle the issue.

He says "I think every parent is scared. Everyone's keen to work together to try and raise awareness and guide the misguided. Everyone needs to play their role, from home, to school, to local business. The police can't do it alone."

He is also using his music to start an online anti-knife crime campaign called #KnivesDownChallenge19.

The challenge calls on people to send in their own remix and the winners get the opportunity to record professionally with him.

Marvin wants to use his music to help others

He says the challenge has gone viral and he's had hundreds of people getting in touch.

This week, a major crackdown on knife crime has started across all areas of Wales.

It includes intensified stop and search tactics along with more locations for people to surrender knives.

The Operation Sceptre teams, aimed at tackling drug supply, knife crime and serious violence in Cardiff, were expanded in July.

In the 10 weeks since those larger teams were established, South Wales Police said it has 126 arrests, carried out 459 stop-searches and taken 74 weapons off the streets.

In July, 21-year-old Asim Khan died following an incident in St Mary's Street in Cardiff - and just four days later, a 19-year-old was stabbed in the Butetown area of the city.

Credit: Family photo

Fahad Mohamed Nur, 18, died the previous month following an incident in Cathays.

Following his death, his family said his death ''left a hole in their heart that can never be filled.''

Credit: Family photo