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Campaigners call for 25p 'latte levy' in Wales

Coffee cups are not all recyclable - they also include plastic

A petition was handed into the Welsh Government calling for a tax to be introduced on single use cups.

Almost all disposable coffee cups are incinerated, exported or sent to landfill because their plastic lining makes them costly to recycle.

500 mil
takeaway cups are used in Wales in just a year.

The campaign group Friends of the Earth Cymru says a 25p tax on each cup could reduce the numbers used by around 30% and generate almost £100m a year.

The cash could then potentially be used to tackle waste problems in Wales and create jobs.

We must reduce the number of these cups. Just recycling them won’t solve the problem, which is why we’re calling on the Welsh Government to introduce a small charge, commonly called a ‘latte levy

– Friends of the Earth Cymru spokesperson, Bleddyn Lake
The 'latte levy' would mean paying an extra 25p for your takeaway cup Credit: PA Images

The Welsh Government introduced the carrier bag charge in 2011 which has helped to reduce the number of plastic bags being used. The group hope that the latte levy will do the same and encourage people to bring their own refillable cups and flasks.

The 5p plastic bag levy was introduced in 2011 in Wales

A latte levy could raise significant funds for Wales and could be the crucial nudge needed to remind people to bring their own cups.

– Keep Wales Tidy Policy and Research Manager, Jemma Bere