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Nigel Farage: Brexit Party 'are the only challengers for Labour seats in Wales'

Nigel Farage was in Newport for a Brexit Party rally Credit: ITV Wales

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has promised his party will target traditional Labour seats in Wales.

Speaking to ITV Wales, Farage said his party are the only challengers for seats in Welsh Labour heartlands.

''They are becoming a complete Remain party,'' he said.

''They are turning their backs on people who voted Brexit.''

Mr Farage was in Newport as part of the Brexit Party rally.

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Nigel Farage accused Labour of ''talking down'' to Brexit voters Credit: ITV Wales

Mr Farage also accused Labour of ''talking down'' to those who voted Brexit.

He said he would not rule out a pact with the Conservatives in Wales if they allowed his party to run against Labour uncontested.

''A lot of these seats in Wales the Conservative Party have never won and they never will win.

If the Conservative Party is sincere in breaking away from the EU they will give us a free run at those seats.''