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Company director and employee jailed over Emiliano Sala mortuary footage

Sherry Bray and Christopher Ashford have been jailed after illegally accessing footage of Emiliano Sala's body. Credit: PA Images

A CCTV company director and her employee, have been jailed for illegally accessing footage of footballer Emiliano Sala's body in a mortuary.

Judge Peter Crabtree jailed 49-year-old Sherry Bray for 14 months and 62-year-old Christopher Ashford for five months.

You were both driven by morbid curiosity... You have both abused your positions in quite an appalling way.

– Judge Peter Crabtree

Ms Bray and Mr Ashford took photos of CCTV footage of Sala’s body and replayed the footage repeatedly.

The court heard that Bray had sent a message to Ashford before his shift, which said: "There's a nice one on the table for you to watch when you're next in."

Evidence revealed that Bray had taken a picture of another body and the prosecutor said she was setting a culture at work where "both she and members of staff would watch as and when autopsies were on the mortuary CCTV footage".

A culture had developed whereby it appears in some ways it was actively encouraged.

– Robert Welling, Prosecutor
Romina Sala discovered the photos of her brother when they were leaked to Instagram Credit: PA Images

Mr Sala’s sister found out about the picture when she saw them on Instagram calling the pair "wicked and evil".

28-year-old Emiliano Sala, who had just signed for Cardiff City, died when the plane he was travelling in crashed into the English Channel on January 21. His body was recovered around three weeks later and taken to Bournemouth Borough Mortuary for a post-mortem examination.

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Emiliano Sala died when his plane crashed into the English Channel in January Credit: PA Images

Police have said that Sala's family, who live in Argentina, have been updated.