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Sam Warburton disappointed 'dangerous' collision involving George North not punished

Sam Warburton appeared as a pundit on ITV Wales' highlights programme on Monday. Credit: ITV News

Former Wales Captain Sam Warburton lamented the lack of punishment for the Georgian player who collided with George North in mid-air during Wales' first World Cup match in Japan.

George North was going to catch a high ball when the Georgian player hit him.

On ITV Wales' highlights programme on Monday night hosted by Dot Davies, Sam Warburton said the incident merited a yellow card.

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I can't believe how that wasn't picked up. I was watching the game, the Georgian player - he's not even looking at the ball, he's not even nearly competing - and that could have been a really nasty injury for George.

I just think, before the tournament we were talking about the health and safety of the game, trying to stay away from the head.

That's a dangerous collision in the air, there's three officials on the pitch, and you've got a couple in the truck watching, and I don't know why no one microphoned through.

Someone should 100% have microphoned and said to the referee Luke Pierce, there's blatant foul play there. For me, that's a yellow card. We want to promote the game, and there's a lot of scaremongering in the press about how dangerous the game is but you've got to clamp down on these sorts of incidences.

– Sam Warburton