A metal sculpture, which was first placed in Cardiff city centre in 1972, has made a return to the capital.

The work, which was designed as a symbol of our industrial heritage, was hidden away from public view for years - but now shoppers in Cardiff can see it once again.

  • We joined shoppers to see what they made of it! Watch my report below:

Sculptor Garth Evans created the unnamed sculpture in 1972, as part of a UK-wide public art project.

The work was moved to Leicestershire after several months on display in the capital, where it remained until very recently.

The Hayes looked very different in 1972! Credit: Garth Evans

Garth recorded the reactions of local people - some good, some ambivalent, and others outright critical.

Garth Evans returns to see the sculpture in Cardiff 47 years on

The recordings inspired a play - The Cardiff Tapes - which was performed in New York.

It's been restaged at the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, along with a documentary film.

Credit: Garth Evans

It's quite amazing, and confusing, because the sculpture's the same and everything else is different.

Garth Evans, sculptor

Chapter led a crowdfunding campaign to restore the sculpture, and bring it back to The Hayes for a further six months.