Primary school turns the clock back to 1939 to teach pupils about World War Two

The museum room at Marlborough Primary School in Cardiff

A primary school in Cardiff has been transformed back to 1939!

Marlborough Primary School has launched an educational project to teach pupils about life during the Second World War.

The school's been dressed using authentic props, with staff and pupils turning up in costume for a day.

The school was partly destroyed in a bombing raid in March 1941.

Accounts from the school's original log books dating back to 1939 have also been used to inspire the project.

We needed to get the experiences. They needed to have them first hand, which is why we've got a museum here, we've got an Anderson shelter, we've got a vintage bus that will be turning up to take our evacuees around the playground.

It's all about the experiences.

– Sally Hodges, assistant headteacher
The Anderson shelter in the playground

The project is due to run until Remembrance Day, with other events and guest speakers planned.