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New housing developments 'should be electric vehicle ready'

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New residential developments in Wales should include provisions for electric vehicle charging according to the National Assembly’s Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee.

It has been looking at the EV charging network now as well as future needs.

The Welsh Government has indicated that non-residential developments should have at least one in ten parking spaces set aside for ultra-low emission vehicles.

But the Committee wants it to go farther.

Credit: PA Images

As the electric vehicle market expands, there is a clear need for urgent acceleration by the Welsh Government to ensure the network can cope.

Communication with stakeholders and the people of Wales will be a critical part of delivering this network.

“We also believe the EV infrastructure can be hard-wired in if the government requires all new residential developments to set aside car parking capacity for electric vehicles, as is currently the case with non-residential.

– Russell George AM, Chair of the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee