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Sex and religious education lessons could be made compulsory in Wales

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The Welsh Government is seeking views on whether sex and religious education should be compulsory. At the moment, parents can opt their children out of lessons.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams says she is ‘'minded to ensure all children and young people are required to study RE and RSE in the new curriculum’' as opposed to the current practice where parents can prevent their children from attending RE and RSE lessons.

The Welsh Government has launched an eight-week consultation on the implications of the decision in schools.

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Our vision is for an inclusive education system where all learners can participate in, benefit from and enjoy learning across all subjects.

Our responsibility as a government is to ensure all young people access a full curriculum that provides them with knowledge and skills.

I am minded to ensure all pupils study RE and RSE in the new curriculum, just as they will study science, maths and languages. It has always been an anomaly that children could be prevented from attending certain subjects. This consultation seeks views on the practical implications of dealing with this anomaly.

Understanding their own rights and the rights of others is important to the fulfilment of the purposes of the new curriculum.

– Kirsty Willams AM, Education Minister