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Offal incident as lorry spills chicken guts across road

Chicken guts were strewn across a road and in nearby bushes in a nightmarish scene after the vehicle carrying them spilled over.

The carnage happened on Tuesday morning close to the food factory on Glendale Avenue in Sandycroft.

North Wales Police were called to the gory incident and council workers later came to clear away the mess.

The guts were spilt across a road in the Sandycroft area of Deeside.
Guts were left hanging from the bushes nearby.

David Dawson, a town councillor for Queensferry who works nearby, said he had never seen anything like it.

There were chicken innards across the road. I would estimate it covered about 20 metres of the road.

It is terrible and stinks. I have worked around here for about five years and have not seen anything like this.

– Cllr. David Dawson, Queensferry
The incident happened on Glendale Avenue near a food factory.
Council workers came to clear away the gory mess.