Old Colwyn promenade is at risk of being destroyed, Conwy councillors are warning.

The constant battering of high winds, tides and waves means the sea defences protecting it are “failing”.

Old Colwyn Promenade is 100-years-old and acts as a buffer protecting the sewer, north coast rail line and the A55.

The Welsh Government say Old Colwyn needs “robust sea defences” and all those involved need to find a solution. These repairs could cost as much as £36 million.

Conwy Council are holding a special summit meeting in order to try and address the problem which costs them between £30,000 - £40,000 a year.

Dwr Cymru, who have a sewer under the prom, Network Rail and the Welsh Government all share a risk and will be deciding the best way forward together.

Behind the prom there is a railway line and main road at risk

Cllr Greg Robbins from Conwy Council told ITV Wales that something needs to be done urgently otherwise they will "lose the link to north west Wales". This would have a “devastating effect on communities right the way across.”

Local residents want something to be done urgently.

We can't let the A55 and the Holyhead railway line collapse. No way.

Local resident
Local residents have said they want it fixed right away

It is the most frustrating thing. In the 11 years I’ve been a county councillor representing Old Colwyn this is the single biggest risk to Conwy Council. It’s top of the risk register. You’re just waiting for this to go. The promenade is undermined underneath. It would be catastrophic if it went

Cllr Cwely Carlisle, Old Colwyn councillor
Poor sea defences cost the council £30,000 - £40,000 each year