A family in Cardiff were shocked after a ferret wandered in their home last Friday evening.

The RSPCA Cymru was contacted at around 10.30pm after the white male ferret entered the property on Fidlas Road, Cyncoed.

The ferret was taken to the vets to be checked over but there were no welfare concerns. He is being kept at the RSPCA's centre in Newport and the they have launched a search for his owner.

It was 10.30pm at night when this cheeky ferret entered a Fidlas Road property unannounced - and undoubtedly gave the homeowners quite a surprise! We’re really grateful to them for looking out for him – and he was soon transferred to a vets, who found no welfare problems. It seems very likely this ferret has escaped from a home from the north or central area of Cardiff, so we’re hoping someone will recognise him and contact us.

Simon Evans, RSPCA

The ferret is not microchipped which makes it more difficult for the RSPCA. They say microchipping is “so important” in returning lost animals to their owners.

If the ferret is your pet or you know the owner please call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.