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Almost all Welsh MPs vote against Prime Minister's Brexit deal timetable

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Nearly all Welsh MPs voted to halt Boris Johnson's plans to get his Brexit deal through in three days.

Tuesday marked the first time parliamentarians voted in favour of any Brexit deal in principle, but crucially MPs rejected the proposed three-day timetable to debate it.

Boris Johnson has said the Government will “pause” its Brexit bill until the EU reaches a decision on an extension.

The Prime Minister had the backing of all Welsh Conservative MPs.

Speaking after the vote, Clwyd West MP David Jones blamed the opposition for ''scuppering'' Johnson's plans and said it risked a no-deal Brexit.

All of Plaid Cymru's MPs and Welsh Labour MPs voted against the timetable.

Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards said the UK Government's timetable defeat is a ''victory for democracy''.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader, Jane Dodds, and former Conservative MP Guto Bebb also voted against the timetable.

The Prime Minister has yet again been shown up for his anti-democratic tactics – from prorogation to trying to railroad this important law through Parliament, he has been stopped every time.

Tonight’s defeat of the British Government was a victory for democracy. By choosing to pause the Bill, the Prime Minister is doing more to delay Brexit than anyone else.

Alongside setting out a reasonable timetable, the British Government must publish a full impact assessment, outlining the effects of their deal on the economy of our country, and the other nations and regions of the UK.

The quickest way the Prime Minister can pass his deal is by putting it back to the people, alongside the option to remain, in a final say referendum. If he is so confident in what he has negotiated, he has nothing to lose.

– Jonathan Edwards MP
Mark Drakeford will meet with Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Wednesday Credit: PA

Earlier on Tuesday, the Welsh Assembly voted to show they do not support the UK Government's Withdrawal Bill.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said it was a ''bad deal for Wales.''

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Drakeford will meet Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Wednesday where they will jointly voice their opposition to the Brexit deal.