The children being taught to defend themselves from knife attacks

Children in Cardiff are being taught to defend themselves from knife attacks as parents describe a "crisis" in their communities.


James Bourne - who has been stabbed seven times in his career as a doorman - runs classes teaching people how to respond if they are confronted with knives.

He said the first thing he teaches young people is fighting is wrong - but it is important they know how to defend themselves.


James teaches kalah, a self-defence technique, for free in communities across Cardiff.

His classes also include first aid and support for people who have been victims of knife crime.

He is passionate about educating young people about the risks involved with carrying a knife.

Mother-of-two Lisa Hole said knife crime in her community is at crisis point and she wants her children to be able to protect themselves.

Knife crime is at a record high in Wales, according to the latest figures.

In the 12 months to the end of June 2019, knife crime offences in England and Wales rose by 7%.

Credit: PA

Dyfed-Powys Police saw recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument increase by 45% - the biggest increase in Wales.

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