Nigel Farage says Brexit Party 'ready' to contest all 40 seats in Wales

Nigel Farage has said the Brexit Party was "ready" to contest all 40 seats in Wales. He has visited Pontypool to target seats in south Wales as part of the Brexit party general election campaign tour.

He attacked Labour saying they "would crush the result of the referendum" and that Corbyn would offer "remain or remain".

Nigel Farage said that he will continue to try and make a "Leave alliance" with the Conservatives. But he said that Boris Johnson's deal is not new and he would have a head to head debate on his "treaty".

ITV Wales asked Anne Widdecombe, who attended the event, how many seats the Brexit party would win in Wales to which she replied that she couldn’t say how many but they will “certainly be winning seats.”

In the address, MEP Nathan Gill, stated that Wales voted to leave the EU and that they would deliver on that promise. He spoke about Boris Johnson's deal and said: "We are saying very clearly to the people of Wales that Boris' deal, is not a deal it's a treaty... and that treaty is not Brexit."

Anne Widdecombe claimed that Wales had been "betrayed by Westminster." She said by removing no-deal off the table they are "surrendering" to a "foreign power".

She said the Brexit party would "contest every single seat" and that Boris Johnson made an "arrogant decision" in not making an alliance with the Brexit Party.

Mr Farage has said he will not stand as a candidate but would rather oversee and support all 600 Brexit Party candidates.

180 tickets were sold to see Nigel Farage in Pontypool

Tonight he will be visiting Newport for a rally at the International Convention Centre Wales.