Prime Minister claims 'every vote' for every other party would deliver Corbyn-led government 'of chaos'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said "every vote for every other" party will deliver a Corbyn-led government of "chaos".

Mr Johnson was visiting the headquarters of Iceland Foods on Deeside, north Wales, in an attempt to get the Welsh Conservative election campaign back on track following the resignation of Alun Cairns.

He said his Brexit deal would not hurt the area he was visiting, the constituency of Alyn and Deeside where most jobs are in manufacturing.

"The deal that we have done is a fantastic deal because it protects British manufacturing. It gives us to the end of next year to do a zero-tariff zero-quota free trade deal which we can do. All we need to do is get it done and move on", Mr Johnson said.

"Every vote for every other member of the knickerbocker glory technicolour yawn coalition of the rest of them - a coalition of chaos. All it can do is deliver a Corbyn-led government. And the problem with that... it would consign this country to two chaotic referendums".

He told ITV News Alun Cairns has "done the right thing" by resigning and is a "great candidate" and "respected" in his constituency.

Mr Johnson said Alun Cairns has

Earlier this year, Iceland's boss Richard Walker warned a no-deal Brexit would cause short term turbulencethat will hit "the most vulnerable and poorest communities the worst."

But in the long term, Mr Walker has said "hopefully Brexit will be a boom to our domestic agricultural industry."

Boris Johnson also accused the Welsh Labour Government for failing to deliver on infrastructure projects such as the the M4 relief road.

When asked about the loss of schemes such as the tidal lagoon in Swansea and Wylfa, Mr Johnson said the tidal lagoon project is a "great scheme" but is "very, very expensive."

During the visit around the Iceland head office on Thursday, Mr Johnson sampled some of Iceland's foods including a chicken goujon saying it was, "delicious".

Earlier in the day, ITV Wales spoke to people on Deeside to ask what some of the key issues were for them in the election campaign.

One voter said, "The health service is very important to me, the schooling, that they're looking after the elderly as well."

Another said, "He [Boris Johnson] needs to spend money on the community really - we were watching a programme last night about people using food banks which in this day and age shouldn't be happening."