A signed photograph and letter from Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland could net a small fortune for a former taxi driver, who bought them for just £1.50.

Taxi call handler Chris Ogden-Jacob, 47, purchased the items at a secondhand book shop in Rhos on Sea, in the late 1990s.

The letter addressed to a Thomas Hughes, in Bryn Bychan, Conwy, reads: "Dear Friend, It was a pleasure to read your letter. Enclosed is a new picture as requested.

"I'm back with Mickey Rooney again in another Hardy Family Picture 'Life Begins for Andy Hardy'. As soon as we finish it, we'll begin "Babes on Broadway", which I hope you will enjoy."

She signs it: "Cordially, Judy Garland."

There is no date on the letter, but judging by what she wrote, it is thought Garland wrote it around 1941.

If authenticated, it could potentially be worth an estimated £1,700 to £3,000.

The letter was addressed to a 'Thomas Hughes' from Bryn Bychan in Conwy

One of the pinafore dresses Garland wore as Dorothy Gale in the iconic Wizard of Oz film fetched $1.56m at an auction in 2015.

Mr Ogden-Jacob, from Kinmel Bay, said: "I just wandered into a second book shop in Rhos on Sea sometime in 1998 to try and kill some time.

"I noticed there was a closing down sale, and I gathered some bits and bobs in a shoe box the lady gave me and she charged me £1.50."

Judy Garland in the original film alongside the dress she worn that sold at auction in 2015. Credit: AP

When Chris got home his bounty included a Stephen King novel, but he was also amazed to discover there was a letter seemingly from Garland and even a signed photograph from the star.

"I've just framed it and it's up in my lounge," said Chris.

"I sent a photograph of it to a Judy Garland society in America, who suggested I should donate it to them, but my dad advised me not to do that."

Judy Garland was one of the most celebrated entertainers in history. Some of her iconic roles included Meet Me in St Louis, The Harvey Girls and Easter Parade.

Renée Zellweger portrays Garland in the 2019 film Judy Credit: PA Images

Recently Renée Zellweger has portrayed the star in a heart-rendering role documenting Garland in her latter years when she suffered with drug addiction.

The 'Over the Rainbow' star died in 1968 from an accidental overdose at 47 years old.

Now Ogden-Jacob is now hoping to get the items authenticated.

He added: "I'd like to find out if it really was her who signed it, as I'm a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz and to think of that beautiful girl and what happened to her in the end, it's just heartbreaking really."