The home of an elderly woman in Anglesey was set alight a day before her funeral.

Diane Roberts, 73, had lived in the house for 67 years before she passed away on 23rd October after a short stay in hospital. She was described as a "reclusive character" and "free-spirit".

Ms Roberts' family was preparing for her funeral when they received a call from a neighbour at 8.30pm saying the house was on fire and it was "bad".

Four crews attended the scene at around 7.30pm on Sunday after reports the property was "well alight", and spent around 12 hours dealing with it.

All of Ms Roberts' possessions were destroyed

Ms Roberts was described by her family as "quite a character" and a "hoarder" and she would have been devastated to learn of the fire.

The local police and people of Holyhead Mountain often "looked out for her" and she was part of the community.

Her cousin June Smith said: "Thank goodness nobody tried to torch the house while she was in it or while she was alive.

"She didn't look after herself and didn't look after her house, but it was a lifestyle choice for her."

All of her possessions were burnt in the house apart from some paperwork taken from the house when she was in hospital.

An investigation found that arsonists were responsible for the blaze, and police are now investigating.