A husband accused of murdering his wife with boiling oil admitted he did not call an ambulance, a court has heard.

71-year-old Geoffrey Bran denies pouring hot oil on his wife, 69-year-old Mavis Bran, at the chip shop they owned together in Carmarthenshire in October last year.

He says she was "confused" when she alleged he had attacked her at the 'Chipoteria' chip shop before she died in hospital six days later.

Mr Bran told the court she was burnt after she slipped and pulled a deep fat fryer down on top of herself.

But he said "he couldn't find an answer" when he did not call and ambulance and ignored her for two hours. Instead, a friend called an ambulance after she ran home and he continued to serve customers.

Prosecutor Paul Lewis QC asked Bran: "You knew your wife was in a bad way for two-and-a-half hours, yet you paid her not one jot of attention. Do you agree?"

He replied: "Yes, totally." and that he was "in another world... I just lost the plot."

Mavis Bran died in hospital six days after the incident

Bran also said that his wife had made up lies about him in the past about him abusing her and that she was "halfway" to being drunk on the afternoon of the incident.

Paramedics discovered that Mrs Bran had been drinking that day and was just over the legal drink drive limit.

Mr Bran said he believed his wife pulled the deep fat fryer on top of herself by grabbing a frying basket attached to it after she slipped, but the prosecution reminded him that in his evidence he said the basket had been removed before.

Mrs Bran suffered 46% burns to her body and died from multiple organ failure in surgery six days after the incident.

The trial continues.