A Cardiff couple took the old poem, 'Something old, something new', very literally when they arranged their wedding reception in the National Museum.

Eleri and Christian Phillips Adams, both 33, got married in the presence of 'Dippy the Diplodocus', the iconic model of a 152 million year old dinosaur fossil that was recently moved to Cardiff.

Eleri said having Dippy at their wedding was the "cherry on top" of their day.

National Museum Cardiff is always atmospheric but having Dippy there was the cherry on top. Christian remembers visiting Dippy as a child at the National History Museum, so being able to share our wedding breakfast with him was certainly unique. It’s not often you can say your oldest wedding guest is 152 million years old!

Eleri Phillips Adams, bride
Credit: Sadie Osborne Photography

The dinosaur, which is a plaster cast replica of fossilised bone, went on display on Friday 18 October, and will remain in the museum until the end of January next year.

The fossil was discovered in Wyoming, United States, in 1898.

'Dippy' had been housed in London's Natural History Museum since 1905, but has been on a tour of museums across the UK since last year.

Their 90 guests at the wedding reception were treated to a spectacular backdrop to the top table speeches.

Credit: Sadie Osborne Photography

The couple were sat underneath Dippy's very long neck during the dinner, which made for some memorable photographs of the couple's special day.

Credit: Sadie Osborne Photography

Some guests knew Dippy was joining us but others didn’t, so it was a lovely surprise for them as they walked into the main hall of the museum. We were initially going to hire a photo booth but we thought a life sized dinosaur was a much better backdrop!

Eleri Phillips Adams

Dippy will remain in the museum until the end of January 2020.