Adam Price's colonialism comments 'deliberately offensive' claims Vaughan Gething

A row has started between Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru over language used by Adam Price AM regarding "reparations" that he says the UK Government owes Wales.

Last month, the Plaid Cymru leader called for a 'Welsh Reconstruction Fund' to be set upto compensate for what he described as Wales being "ground down into crippling poverty" by "British rule".

In an interview with the Institute of Welsh Affairs, Mr Price repeated the comments.

Mr Price had argued that Wales had an "extractive economy" and "political power centre outside of our nation".

This was "analogous if not identical" to the colonial experience, he said.

Health Minister Vaughan Gething AM has denounced what he said was a comparison with the oppression of people of colour with being Welsh.

Credit: ITV News

In his interview, Mr Price said: "For me I feel very strongly that it’s not possible to understand the predicament we’re in without acknowledging the centrality of the fact that we had an extractive economy with a political power centre outside of our nation".

In October last year, the UK Government said it was allocating "more than half a billion pounds" of additional funding for the Welsh Government, including £120 million for the North Wales Growth Deal.