ITV Cymru Wales' Political Editor Adrian Masters is to host a live prime-time debate with five leading Welsh politicians ahead of the 2019 general election.

The programme, which will be filmed from the ITV Wales studios in Cardiff Bay, will air at 8pm on Sunday 17 November.

The topics for discussion will cover Brexit, the economy and austerity as well as climate change.

Joining Adrian in the debate will be:

  • Nick Thomas-Symonds of Welsh Labour

  • David Davies of the Welsh Conservative Party

  • Jane Dodds of the Welsh Liberal Democrats

  • Liz Saville Roberts of Plaid Cymru

  • Nathan Gill of The Brexit Party

The politicians will go head-to-head during the hour-long debate

The debate will also include questions from members of the public.

Ahead of the debate Adrian says TV debates have become an "important part of election campaigns".

Adrian hosted a leaders debate in the 2017 general election Credit: ITV

It's nearly here - the first TV debate of this strange and unpredictable General Election campaign. This coming Sunday we'll bring five leading Welsh politicians together into the glare of studio lights to face the judgement of a live, prime-time ITV audience. Like it or not, and some politicians really don't, TV debates have become an important part of election campaigns and not only provide viewers with the chance to make up their minds but often play a part in the rest of the campaign. Some parties will benefit when their person is able to put their points across well, others will struggle when their ideas come under sustained scrutiny. Someone will have a witty put-down which makes the news bulletins; someone will surprise viewers as being better than expected; you may see a potential post-election alliance emerge. All the parties are trying to shape this election: is it all about Brexit? Is it about our health services? Is it about the economy? Our debate on Sunday will see which issues are really emerging after we asked our viewers for their questions. No doubt Brexit will be a major topic, but so too the handling of the economy and what the different parties are promising when it comes to spending more or less on public services. The huge protests and school strikes over the last year have shown how important the question of climate change is to young people - that's likely to be a hot topic too. There'll probably be some surprises, but just to reassure the politicians taking part: we may be on air just before 'I'm a Celebrity' but I won't ask them to eat a witchetty grub in a bushtucker trial. Although now I think of it ...

Adrian Masters, ITV Wales' Political Editor

The programme will air at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.

It will also be streamed live on Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the hashtag #itvwalesdebate.