Labour commits to electrification and Swansea tidal lagoon as Jeremy Corbyn unveils manifesto

The Labour party have committed to building the Swansea tidal lagoon and delivering rail electrification in Wales, if it wins the general election.

Jeremy Corbyn unveiled his party's vision, promising a "manifesto for hope."

The Labour leader said his manifesto - titled "It's time for real change" - was full of popular policies that the political establishment had "blocked for decades".

Within the manifesto, the party says it would "deliver rail electrification expansion across the whole country, including in Wales."

It also pledged to build the Swansea tidal lagoon project after plans were cancelled for the project in 2018.

The company behind the £1.3bn project said the lagoon would power approximately 155,000 homes in Wales each year - with more than 2,000 jobs in construction and manufacturing planned for the area.

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Labour accused the Conservatives of "letting down the people of Ynys Môn (Anglesey) by failing to deliver the Wylfa project".

The UK Government suspended workon a new nuclear plant earlier this year after being unable to reach an agreement with the company in charge of developing UK power stations, Horizon.

It said "Labour will work with people on the island to maximise its potential for new nuclear energy, alongside investment in renewables."

Welsh Labour said the manifesto showed there would be an additional £3.4bn of annual funding for Wales.

Nine years of Tory cuts have done untold damage and the Thomas Commission on Justice in Wales is clear that the justice system is not working for Wales. Labour governments in Wales and Westminster will work together, using the Commission’s report, to put that right.Three years on from the 2016 EU referendum we understand much more about how Wales will be uniquely exposed to a hard Brexit. Only Labour will put this decision back in the hands of the people, and in Wales the Welsh Labour government will campaign to remain,

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