Man puts up 'check your nuts' Christmas lights after having testicular cancer

A man has decorated his house with Christmas lights that say "check your nuts" to raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Christian Roach, 41, from Trealaw in the Rhondda decorates his house every year. But this year, after suffering from testicular cancer, he decided to use his Christmas lights to educate people.

Christian said: "This time last year I had problems - I had testicular cancer. I found out this time last year.

"I went to the doctors and they said I had testicular cancer. I then had to have an operation, to have a testicle removed and I was laid up for about two months. And then I had chemotherapy... Now I've got to go to tests for five years."

The sign that says

It has taken Christian a while to feel comfortable talking about his experience and said it "hit me for six, it was hard."

"Going back when I had it, if someone had said I'd be doing something like this now, I wouldn't have thought so If I'm honest."

The "check your nuts" message is important to Christian, so he decided to take it a step further than just trying to raise awareness on social media.

Christian and his wife, Nicola, made the sign together out of wood

"I put a picture on Facebook and it's gone a bit crazy. We're having people pulling up outside the house and taking random pictures."

He said: "We had Chinese last night and the delivery man came here and I had to explain to him what it meant."

Although it started as a "bit of a joke" they decided to go ahead and made the sign themselves adding 750 lights.

Many people have been in contact with Christian to share their own experiences.

The Christmas sign started as a joke but turned into a message