Welsh universities strike over pensions and pay

Staff at three Welsh universities are on strike for eight days over pensions, pay and working conditions.

The universities affected in Wales include Cardiff, Bangor and Trinity St David University and it is part of a UK wide strike including 60 universities.

The strike will run from 25th November until 5th December.

The University College Union says it aims to bring the universities to a “stand still” and they promise further disruptions in the New Year if no progress is made.

This will be the second time in two years that University and College Union (UCU) members have taken part in a large national strike.

They hope this strike will lead to improvements in:

  • Pay

  • Workloads

  • Insecure employment

  • Pay inequality

According to the UCU, pay has fallen by 20% in value in ten years, the gender pay gap is currently 15% and there is a large divide in salaries with the Vice at Cardiff University earning more than £250,000 in basic pay.

They also report that fixed-term and casual contracts are "the norm" and zero-hours contracts are still in place. PhD students are also often not counted as employees.

A mass rally will be held in Cardiff’s civic centre, Alexandra Gardens and will be addressed by staff, students and Labour MP Jo Stevens and the Vice President of the Wales TUC Shavanah Taj.

Credit: PA Images